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Happy Holidays!

Christmas Poinsettia


Happy Holidays from Texas! Yes, TEXAS!! The reason this website has not had new content recently is because I have moved from California to TEXAS. I am in the process of building a new home in the Commons of Lake Houston. You can follow the adventure by clicking  HERE.


New content will posted to Images By BK beginning in 2015!! I promise.

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Yosemite Soon!

Getting ready to head back to Yosemite for a few days of photography. Then I am off to Bodie!! Very excited. I tried to photograph Bodie last year, but the fires closed the access road. Hoping for better luck next week.

You can view more of my Yosemite pix       CLICK HERE

Yosemite Tunnel View

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Sweet Xena

Very SAD day. My beloved Xena has passed away. She has crossed the rainbow bridge to join her best friend Gabrielle.

I know she is now in a happy place holding her favorite toy.  I will miss her very much.

Xena and her baby

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King of the Rock

Traveled to Monterey, CA for a shootout with the Morgan Hill Photography Club. We planned to practice using ND filters and creating those shots with smooth silky water. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate. Foggy skies. Calm ocean. So at sunset we trekked to the end of the wharf, after a terrific dinner, and watched the birds and California sea lions. Click on the photo for a LARGE view.

King of the Rock

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2014 Morgan Hill, CA Car Cruise

It was my pleasure to photograph the 2014 Morgan Hill, CA Freedom Fest Car Cruise on the 4th of July. The completed album of 112 photos includes every car participating in the parade lap. This year I took pictures of the cars from my vantage point on Main Street, just past the turn from Monterey. All pictures can be viewed at the Morgan Hill Photography Club’s SHUTTERFLY Site.   Click HERE to View all the Pictures

See more Morgan Hill Event Photography HERE

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July 4 in Morgan Hill, CA

July 4 in Morgan Hill, CA is a HUGE event. The day begins early with a run/walk through town. The 100 plus vintage cars lead a fabulous 2.5 hour parade. The evening ends with a glorious firework display.

This picture is a composite. The Granada Theatre is an icon in downtown. It is being renovated. I shot the fireworks and then rushed downtown to take the picture of the Granada. The resulting image best depicts my vision of a fun night in a great community.

2016-12-27T14:30:52-05:00July 11, 2014|Photography|

The Rookery at High Island, Texas

It is the time of year when High Island, Texas fills with migrating birds and birders. One of my favorite places is the Rookery. This is the largest Rookery I have ever seen. It is such a treat to watch the Roseate Spoonbills, Great Egrets, Snowy Egrets, Cormorants, Tri-colored Herons, and more sit on nests, preen, and tend to baby chicks.

This is a 19 shot panorama stitched together in Photoshop CC. I then created a pan across the scene using iMovie.

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What if ………… Total Lunar Eclipse from Glacier Point


What If ....Lunar Eclipse Over Glacier Point


We traveled to Yosemite to photograph a Moonbow and had the added benefit of a Total Lunar Eclipse happening during our stay. Where to photograph this event?? We learned that Glacier Point would open that very day at noon…. so our decision was made….up to Glacier Point. Glacier Point offers some of the most spectacular views of Yosemite. And where better to photograph a Moonrise and Total Lunar Eclipse.

Just before sunset I shot a picture of the scene from Glacier Point. I wanted this to be the background for my Lunar Eclipse. I used a Nik Filter to give the scene a “moonlight” feel.

The eclipse began April 14 at 10:58PM. I shot one picture of the moon every 5 minutes. At 12:47 AM we saw the maximum lunar eclipse and a bright red moon.

The resulting picture is a COMPOSITE of my pictures. This is MY ARTISTIC INTERPRETATION of my experience of an incredible fun night. And no, the moon did not rise just where I would have wanted. (This happens in January, though). But WHAT IF…..

You can purchase a print of this image HERE



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Back to Yosemite for the Moonbow!


There are very few places at which to photograph a Moonbow. Lower Yosemite Fall in April is one such place. One needs bright moonlight (nearly-full Moon), the Moon to rise above the south rim of Yosemite Valley, sufficient mist & spray, clear skies, dark skies (Sun> 9 degrees below the horizon), and geometry. On April 13, all of this came together. From 8:20 PM – 9:40 PM I worked to capture the Moonbow, keep the mist from my camera lens, and enjoy this phenomenon. It is so interesting that you cannot “see” the Moonbow until you look at the back of your camera. Once you know the Moonbow is there, though, your eye can “kinda” tell where it is.

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