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Happy 2016! A New Year!!

Truthfully, 2015 was a difficult year. My photography took a back seat to the demanding tasks of house building. As I sit here today, having moved into Casa Paloma less than a week ago, I find I am ready to pick up my camera and subsequently my wacom pen to create new images. Here is to a CREATIVE 2016.


2016-12-27T14:30:51-05:00January 1, 2016|Photography|

Bodie Apothecary

Beautiful day in Bodie. I worked diligently to capture all those interesting items in the window. I so enjoy “looking into windows”

CLICK on the picture to view it MUCH LARGER.


2016-12-27T14:30:52-05:00March 30, 2015|Photography|

Bodie Hardware

Several months ago I had the opportunity to visit Bodie. As a participant of a photography workshop, I was able to enter buildings closed to the public. This is a picture taken in the Bodie Hardware Store. Love the sense of time standing still.

CLICK on the picture for a lightbox view.

2016-12-27T14:30:52-05:00March 14, 2015|Photography, Travel|

It is THAT Time of the Year!!


This is a picture of Horsetail Fall taken from the El Capitan Picnic Area on the Northside of the Merced River in Yosemite Valley February 13, 2014.

During the last two weeks of February, the setting sun backlights Horsetail Fall, producing a beautiful “firefall.” Luckily there was water AND a clear horizon and I was able to see and photograph this amazing sight.

Click on the picture to see the picture larger and in a light box.

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