Roman Holiday

This is the Castel Sant Angelo in Rome. I took this picture as our tour bus traveled over the Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II Bridge. Click on the picture for a larger view.  

Castel St Angelo Rome

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Bandura Musician

Bandura Player

My print Bandura Musician is currently featured at a Gallery Show in Morgan Hill, CA. This photograph also won second place in the PSA 6C Travel competition earlier this year. The Bandura is a Ukrainian plucked string folk instrument. The photo was taken during a recent rip to Russia and the Ukraine. I used a Canon 5D Mark III with a 24-105 mm lens.

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Birding Adventure at High Island, Texas

I spent almost 3 weeks in High Island, Texas birding. This area is known as “the place for spring migration” and it certainly did not disappoint this year.

Each spring millions of birds that wintered in Central and South America are driven north by the urge to establish breeding territories and select mates.  They first push north to the Yucatan Peninsula and the adjacent Mexican coast. Beginning in early March, migrants reach the tip of the peninsula and if the weather conditions are favorable, just after sunset, migrants leave Mexico and head north across the Gulf of Mexico. The trip across the Gulf is 600 miles and with good weather takes about 18 hours. Arriving on the Texas coast midday, some of these birds stop at High Island.

I had my binoculars, rather than a camera, in hand the majority of my time. Nevertheless, there is a wonderful rookery at High Island and I could not resist taking some pix of a Tricolored Heron courtship.

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Fountains at Peterhof

This picture was taken at Peterhof near Saint Petersburg, Russia. All of the fountains operate without the use of pumps. Water is supplied from natural springs and collects in reservoirs in the Upper Gardens. A framed 13×19 print is part of the MHPC Gallery Show Water running the month of February.

Fountains at Peterhof

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Russia River Cruise Pictures Posted

dobroye utro! 

I have finished processing the pictures from my Grand Circle Russia River Cruise and the top 100 are now posted to Shutterfly. Shutterfly is a free website where you can view the pictures, download any you want (free), or get prints made…you have to pay Shutterfly for the prints.  Click on the blue link to view the pictures …….   RUSSIA PICTURES HERE

I will be posting pictures from the cruise on this web site every few days.

Kizhi Island

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iPhoneography Workshop in Big Sur, CA

I attended an iPhoneography workshop led by noted landscape photographer Don Smith. My goals were to learn from Don… who is amazing (and the team photographer of the San Jose Sharks Hockey club!!!!), to enjoy the Carmel/Big Sur coastline, and to utilize the camera I always have with me… my iPhone. At first it was very difficult to leave my Canon DSLR in the hotel room and only tote my iPhone …..which looked very small on my tripod. But….I was amazed by the pictures I was able to capture and had a lot of FUN!!

Big Sur Coastline

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High Island, Texas

Back from a visit to Texas where we visited dear friends and new friends! Went to High Island and had a great birding adventure. Already planning an extended RV trip back in 2013. One of the trip highlights was seeing a yellow-green vireo. Purportedly this bird has rarely been seen at High Island. The guides from Tropical Birding confirmed the bird via field marks and pictures. Check out Dave Kutilek’s pictures at

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Back from the Caribbean

Back home after a spectacular 14 day Eastern and Western Caribbean cruise aboard the NCL Sun. Did some birding, snorkeling, shopping and lots of relaxation. It was new to sail from Port Canaveral, Florida. Seeing the Kennedy Space Center as we sailed was incredible.

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