What If ....Lunar Eclipse Over Glacier Point


We traveled to Yosemite to photograph a Moonbow and had the added benefit of a Total Lunar Eclipse happening during our stay. Where to photograph this event?? We learned that Glacier Point would open that very day at noon…. so our decision was made….up to Glacier Point. Glacier Point offers some of the most spectacular views of Yosemite. And where better to photograph a Moonrise and Total Lunar Eclipse.

Just before sunset I shot a picture of the scene from Glacier Point. I wanted this to be the background for my Lunar Eclipse. I used a Nik Filter to give the scene a “moonlight” feel.

The eclipse began April 14 at 10:58PM. I shot one picture of the moon every 5 minutes. At 12:47 AM we saw the maximum lunar eclipse and a bright red moon.

The resulting picture is a COMPOSITE of my pictures. This is MY ARTISTIC INTERPRETATION of my experience of an incredible fun night. And no, the moon did not rise just where I would have wanted. (This happens in January, though). But WHAT IF…..

You can purchase a print of this image HERE