Bodie Hardware

Several months ago I had the opportunity to visit Bodie. As a participant of a photography workshop, I was able to enter buildings closed to the public. This is a picture taken in the Bodie Hardware Store. Love the sense of time standing still.

CLICK on the picture for a lightbox view.

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Yosemite Soon!

Getting ready to head back to Yosemite for a few days of photography. Then I am off to Bodie!! Very excited. I tried to photograph Bodie last year, but the fires closed the access road. Hoping for better luck next week.

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Yosemite Tunnel View

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What if ………… Total Lunar Eclipse from Glacier Point


What If ....Lunar Eclipse Over Glacier Point


We traveled to Yosemite to photograph a Moonbow and had the added benefit of a Total Lunar Eclipse happening during our stay. Where to photograph this event?? We learned that Glacier Point would open that very day at noon…. so our decision was made….up to Glacier Point. Glacier Point offers some of the most spectacular views of Yosemite. And where better to photograph a Moonrise and Total Lunar Eclipse.

Just before sunset I shot a picture of the scene from Glacier Point. I wanted this to be the background for my Lunar Eclipse. I used a Nik Filter to give the scene a “moonlight” feel.

The eclipse began April 14 at 10:58PM. I shot one picture of the moon every 5 minutes. At 12:47 AM we saw the maximum lunar eclipse and a bright red moon.

The resulting picture is a COMPOSITE of my pictures. This is MY ARTISTIC INTERPRETATION of my experience of an incredible fun night. And no, the moon did not rise just where I would have wanted. (This happens in January, though). But WHAT IF…..

You can purchase a print of this image HERE



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Back to Yosemite for the Moonbow!


There are very few places at which to photograph a Moonbow. Lower Yosemite Fall in April is one such place. One needs bright moonlight (nearly-full Moon), the Moon to rise above the south rim of Yosemite Valley, sufficient mist & spray, clear skies, dark skies (Sun> 9 degrees below the horizon), and geometry. On April 13, all of this came together. From 8:20 PM – 9:40 PM I worked to capture the Moonbow, keep the mist from my camera lens, and enjoy this phenomenon. It is so interesting that you cannot “see” the Moonbow until you look at the back of your camera. Once you know the Moonbow is there, though, your eye can “kinda” tell where it is.

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Mono Lake, CA

Mono Lake Aglow at Sun Rise

This picture was taken at Mono Lake, CA  August 2013. This was just after sunrise and the sun seemed to set the entire scene aglow with golden light.

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Horsetail Fall – South View

Horsetail Fall South View

During my recent visit to Yosemite National Park in mid February, I was fortunate enough to view the “fire fall” sunset at Horsetail Fall on 2 evenings.  This picture was taken from the South View.  Parking and photography space is more limited at this site, but you can see the top of the rock face more.

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Horsetail Fall – Rowell’s View

Yosemite Horsetail Fall


This is a picture of Horsetail Fall taken from the El Capitan Picnic Area on the Northside of the Merced River in Yosemite Valley February 13, 2014.

During the last two weeks of February, the setting sun backlights Horsetail Fall, producing a beautiful “firefall.” Luckily there was water AND a clear horizon and I was able to see and photograph this amazing sight.

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and in a light box.

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Beautiful Big Sur, CA

Beautiful Big Sur, CA

Took a ride south on Highway 1 to Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park Beach to take pictures of the “Fire in the Hole.”  If conditions are just right during a few months of the year, the setting sun will light up the water crashing through a rock portal. We were lucky! Great conditions.


As soon as the sun sets, however, the “fire” is out, so we headed north to shoot Bixby Bridge. Saw this grove of trees as we drove and had to pull over to capture the moment. To see all my Big Sur pictures CLICK HERE.




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Shopping in Moscow

GUM Department Store

Here is a picture from Moscow taken during our Russian River Cruise on Grand Circle Cruise Line. Shopping at its finest at the GUM Shopping Center on Red Square. Check out more pictures from Russia by clicking HERE.

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